Alexander Leffers

Coordinator, LGBTQA Programs and EDI Marketing
Division of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Alexander Leffers

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202-568-8929 (VP)


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Hall Memorial Building S141D

Office Hours

8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

While my full name is Alexander Leffers, everyone calls me Alex. Four letters to fingerspell my name! Easy! I am a member of the EDI team, working as the Coordinator of the LGBTQA Resource Center. I've been in this position since mid-January 2019.  My work involves quite a bit of collaboration with my teammates as we work to ensure that everyone has all the tools and services they need to succeed here at Gallaudet. My job is multifaceted. I organize events, provide services to LGBTQA students, staff and faculty, provide educational opportunities, and give our students mentors to help them grow.  I also advocate on behalf of the LGBTQIA+ community here on campus.

While I’m one of the newer kids on the block with this team, I’m not new with diversity efforts as it pertains to the LGBTQA community. I came out as a lesbian in 1987, when I was a Gallaudet student and later realized that I was transgender. I came out in 1999, started testosterone treatments and had top surgery in 2000. I am a man, assigned female at birth (AFAB) and I use masculine pronouns (he, his, him).

Before we had the Rainbow Society, we had the Lambda Society of Gallaudet University (LSGU) and I served as president in 1992. From 1997 to 2006, I was heavily involved with the Capital Metropolitan Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (CMRA). I became their public relations coordinator, then eventually vice president. CMRA hosted the RAD (Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf) conference in 2005 and I was on the planning committee, responsible for marketing, the program book and sponsorships.

I was also heavily involved with International Deaf Leather (IDL) from 1999 to 2017, serving in multiple capacities in planning leather contests on a yearly basis and eventually began serving as an officer of IDL, first as a liaison with RAD (mentioned above), then I served two terms as President of IDL. I was awarded the Michael Felts’ Lifetime Achievement award in 2012.

Also, I have more than 20 years’ experience teaching about the LGBTQA community and transgender issues. Ever since my inaugural workshop offered during Gallaudet’s Diversity Day on LGBT issues in 2001, I have presented in many classrooms, events and conferences. I have traveled to several states to offer trainings to Deaf schools, Deaf clubs and organizations. In 2018, I presented at NAD’s conference, in Hartford, CT. I have also consulted with three deaf schools on policymaking and how to work with transgender and nonbinary students and staff.

Since my employment here at Gallaudet, I have been involved with the Diversity Strategy Team, the Transgender Task Force, and I have served as marketing chair for Gallaudet Staff Council for some time now. I’m not just passionate about LGBTQA issues. I’m equally passionate about all forms of diversity, be it race, nationality, religion, disabilities – the list goes on. I believe in the power of diversity and that we MUST have a more equitable society. I'm just trying to do my part.

The bulk of my professional experience has been in communications. I am a writer, editor, graphic designer and web developer. I worked at University Communications as web content developer and editor for three years, prior to that I worked as a graphic designer for nearly 20 years. My creativity is being put to good use here at EDI.

I am married, to my partner of 24 years, Valerie and we have the cutest dog in the world, Baby. We reside in Maryland and we surround ourselves with family and friends that we are especially close to. Life is good.

  • Designs assessment-based programs centered on student learning outcomes.
  • Assesses program and student learning outcomes for program enhancement and improved SLOs; keeps current on developments in assessing SLOs in higher education
  • Conducts research in collaboration with executive director related to best practices in academic success strategies for LGBTQA students. Conducts research related to the program and sends results to the community
  • Markets all programs and services offered by all the units of EDI; manages communications for the division, as well.
  • Manages EDI website, including all pages under MSDM
  • grant writing to gain new funds for the program
  • Works closely with colleagues to fulfill the mission of the division of EDI; collaborates with other departments to do this work.
  • Aligns all work and initiatives with the mission of EDI, the university and Gallaudet's diversity and strategic plans.
  • Works with Gallaudet faculty and staff and the LGBTQA advisor board to address and resolve issues pertaining to LGBTQA student concerns and programs on campus.
  • collaborates to manage student mentoring program, particularly for students of color who are also LGBTQA
  • Diversity Strategy Team member, a committee run by the president's office.
  • Marketing chair, Gallaudet Staff Council (GSC).
  • Transgender Task Force (Restrooms and Facilities Workforce). We put new "All Gender Inclusive" signs on single use bathrooms.
    • Core Committee for the planning of an all inclusive locker room in the Field House.
  • Founder and moderator of an online support group for deaf transgender people. 
  • Traveling speaker for LGBTQ issues.

Keynote speaker for the National Science Foundations' Pride month event, June 2019

Attended CDO Symposium, a conference for Chief Diversity Officers, hosted here at Gallaudet University, June 2019

Keynote speaker for Maine Association of the Deaf conference, May 2019

Certificate, Mentor Training, April 2019

Keynote speaker for US Army Corps of Engineers' annual Pride month event, June 2018

Keynote speaker for US Patent and Trademark Office's annual Pride month event, June 2018

Award: Office of Diversity and Equity for Students recognition as an Institutional Diversity and Equity Champion, 2017

Award: Highest Achieving Student in the Web Development program at Art Institute of Washington, 2012

Award: Michael Felt's Lifetime Achievement Award from International Deaf Leather, 2012

Essay published in Eyes of Desire II, edited by Raymond Luczak.



800 Florida Avenue NE
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800 Florida Avenue NE
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