Curriculum and Assessment

Welcome to Curriculum and Assessment!


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Welcome to Curriculum and Assessment.

Our team is here to support teaching and learning at both KDES and MSSD and to help the Clerc Center comply with our mandates.

The Education of the Deaf Act (EDA) authorizes and funds the Clerc Center and requires us to partner with a state; to adopt their standards, administer their assessments annually, and report the results to the public. We support compliance with the EDA in four ways.

1) Curriculum

We provide access to Maryland state standards and curriculum. We collect and archive curricula. We purchase textbooks, instructional materials and educational software to support our teachers.

2) Assessment

We administer all mandated annual assessments… PARCC. Maryland Integrated Science Assessments. Alternate assessment for students with significant intellectual disabilities.

We administer annual achievement tests. ACT and Advanced Placement testing. And a variety of other assessments. The third service we provide to support teachers…

3) Differentiation and Inclusion

Designing and implementing IEPs. Applying needed accommodations for students. Modifying instruction to help students overcome identified barriers to learning. Working directly with student to understand their own barriers to learning and how to advocate for themselves.

The fourth area of our responsibility…

4) Accreditation

We are currently seeking reaccreditation. We are following a protocol called Excellence by Design (EBD). We are into our second year of self-study. We will have our accreditation visit in Spring 2018.

I look forward to meeting all of you. Welcome to the Clerc Center!


800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002


800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002