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Delia Lozano

Multicultural Student Development & Mentoring Under Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Division

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I am a first generation Mexican-American, raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She graduated from Texas School for the Deaf and received her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Gallaudet University. She is currently working on a master’s degree in Public Administration at Gallaudet. Delia is a mother of two deaf sons; her elder son attends Gallaudet University as a freshman and her younger son is a senior in Model Secondary School for the Deaf.

I am the program coordinator for Keeping the Promise and Multicultural Transition Programs which provides programs and tools for supporting students of color to increase their graduation and retention rates. I was in the inaugural cohort of the Staff-focused Multicultural Organizational Development Transformation Institute as well as the inaugural cohort of the Advanced Multicultural Organization Development Transformation Institute. I lead the Early Intervention Team collaborating with Student Success and Academic Quality, Student Affairs and other campus departments to maintain support services which meet the needs of students of color who are at risk and to improve student retention and college completion rates.


COM 235 Intergroup Dialogue


COM 235 Intergroup Dialogue


GSR 210- Comparing Multicultural Perspectives

COM 235 Intergroup Dialogue


COM 235 Intergroup Dialogue


COM 235 Intergroup Dialogue




PST 301- ASL  II

GSR 101 -First Year Seminar 


 PST 301 ASL 1

In-Community Involvement

  • Participated in Cross Cultural Conversation 
  • Served on Diversity Strategy Team  
  • Provided Diversity Sensitivity Training 
  • Participated in Webinar Related the retention of Student of Color 
  • Served as a co advisor for the Latinx Student Union Organization
  • Served as one of Battle of Book judges at the National competition  
  • Served as one of mediators at Academic Bowl National competition 

Community Involvement 

  • Served on the Board of Council de Manos as the Director of Communication. 
  • Served on the National Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority as President 
  • Served as one of judges at Maryland School Spelling Bee competition. 
  • Presented at the Council de Manos Latinx Youth Liders
  • Attended Council de Manos National Conference


Restorative Justice and Transformative Justice Training (October 2018) 

Certified Advanced Multicultural Organization Development Transformation Institute (March-October 2018)


Received five-year service award


Certificated Multicultural Curriculum Transformation Institute (March-October 2015)


Diversity & Equity Trailblazer Award 


800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002


800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002