Fred Weiner

Fred Weiner

Secondary Location

Peet 567

Born and Raised in Brooklyn, NY.  Lived in the DC area for the last 38 years with a six year "break" when I lived in the NY metropolitan area.


BS from Gallaudet in Accounting with minor in Computer  Information Systems.  

MS from New York University in Management and Information Systems.

Work Experiences (Various Responsibilities held at each workplace at one time or another):

Dorm Counselor - Maryland School for the Deaf

Student Head RA - Gallaudet University

Coordinator of Alumni Programs - Gallaudet University

Advocacy, Programs and Services, Youth Programs - National Association of the Deaf

Consumer Sales and Marketing, Call Center Operations, Government Relations, Marketing Execution, Internal marketing Communications - AT&T

Brookings Congressional Fellow at US Congress - Brookings Institution

Institutional Research, Strategic Planning, Government and Community Relations, Special Assistant to the President, Campus Planning, Construction Management, Facilities, Interpreting Services, University Budgeting, Other Duties as Assigned - Gallaudet University



Physical Fitness




Watching Baseball, Football and Golf

Current Affairs - Politics

Gourmet Food



Two bright and beautiful girls who graduated from Gallaudet.  Allison is in finance at Dawn Sign Press at San Diego.  Bethany is in the restaurant industry in Brooklyn, NY.

Taught Two Classes, Both on Graduate Level

Public Policy and Advocacy in the Deaf Community

Budgeting for Non-for Profits


800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002


800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002