Elections Guidelines

The GSC Election Guidelines will remain as a guiding document subject to changes and modifications by the GSC members during regular University Staff meetings. It is for these reasons that the GSC Election Guidelines are not part of the GSC Bylaws.

1. General Elections for the Executive Committee and Council of Representatives members shall be held every year for at least three days based on approved election guidelines (voting schedule) by the GSC representatives;

1.1. The Chair and Secretary shall be elected on even-numbered years;
1.2. The Vice-Chair and Representatives shall be elected on odd-numbered years; and
1.3. All voting shall be done electronically;

1.3.1. Should the University close for whatever reason (i.e. inclement weather, furloughs, or the like), on the day a General Election is held, the election will be rescheduled to the next day that the University is open.
1.3.2. Paper ballots shall be utilized should the electronic option not be feasible; The Elections Committee will formulate a process in the incidence where paper ballots become a necessary option.

1.3.3. Voters must meet the definitions in Article IV of the GSC Bylaws; 30 days before the first day of the election period. the Elections Committee Chair will obtain a list of staff members who meet the definitions in Article IV from Human Resources Services and share it with the Executive Committee and Council of Representative on the same day for their review. Any changes must be reported to the Elections Committee Chair within five business days. The Elections Committee Chair shall immediately re-verify the list with Human Resources Services. The revised list shall be considered final for the purpose of establishing eligibility to vote.

1.4. In case of scenarios requiring a runoff election, refer to the Parliamentary Authority in Article XI in the GSC Bylaws and procedures set forth in 1.3 of these guidelines shall be adhered to;

1.5. Election results shall be announced twenty-four hours after grievances have been resolved by the Elections Committee;

1.5.1. Results can be announced through appropriate mediums (e.g. GSC Official Website, social media, and among others).


2.1. Candidates shall formally announce their candidacy by sending a letter of intent to the Elections Committee anytime between January first (1st) to March first (1st) of each year;

2.1.1. The letter can be handwritten or electronically sent to the Elections Committee Chair;
2.1.2. Upon receiving the letter of candidacy for a Division Representative, the Elections Chair shall contact the head of the division, the Director of Human Resources Services (HRS), and the appropriate GTS unit to begin the process for electronic voting within the division employees who are GSC members;

2.2. Should there be a vacancy(ies), a special election shall be held to fill the vacancy(ies);

2.2.1. Upon receiving the notice of vacancy, the Secretary shall announce to GSC members within no more than twenty-four (24) hours; the vacancy be the Secretary, the Chair shall make the announcement.

2.2.2. A letter of intent for candidacy must be sent to the Elections Committee within ten (10) business days after the Secretary announces the vacancy(ies);
2.2.3. The Elections Committee shall announce candidates upon the conclusion of the ten (10) business days period as set forth in 2.2.3 of this section and no more candidates shall be considered;
2.2.4. The Elections Committee shall conduct elections no later than ten (10) business days after the announcement of candidates.

2.3.      A candidate must meet the definitions in Article IV of the GSC Bylaws before being approved by the Elections Committee;

2.4. The Elections Committee shall announce the candidates to GSC members on a rolling basis (e.g. Candidate A gets approval on January 4th and Candidate B gets approval on February 14th, GSC members would get separate announcements from the Elections Committee).


3.1. The candidate is ultimately accountable for the campaign that s/he undertakes.
3.2. The Elections Committee has the authority over the quality of campaigning by the candidate including, but not limited to, cessation of campaigning, usage of media, fliers, and other campaigning materials; and

3.2.1. Campaigns must adhere to the Gallaudet University Administration and Operations (A&O) Manual; and
3.2.2. Campaign materials posted on campus must have prior approval by the Office of Campus Activities and that approval includes the use of the Campus Activities seal. Campus Activities shall have final say on printed materials posted on campus.

3.3. The GSC will not provide campaign funds for candidates.


4.1. The official ballot must be approved by the Council of Representatives in their regular meeting in March of each year;

4.1.1. The ballot must have sections for the GSC officers set forth in;
4.1.2. The official ballot must have a blank line for write-in candidates.


5.1. If an individual or a candidate wishes to file a grievance, it shall be immediately filed with the Elections Chair in a letter;

5.1.1. In the grievance, specific and clear information about the issue must be stated;
5.1.2. The Elections Chair will convene the Elections Committee to address the grievance;
5.1.3. The grievance period shall be from the day candidacy has been approved to twenty-four (24) hours after Elections.
5.1.4. All grievances must be addressed and resolved before the results are announced.


6.1. The Elections Committee shall propose any revisions to these guidelines, as needed, in the next regularly-scheduled University Staff meeting;

6.1.1. GSC members are to submit proposed revisions to these guidelines directly to the Elections Chair;
6.1.2. Proposed revisions must be accompanied by the current version along with a rationale explaining why the revision needs to be made; and
6.1.3. Approvals to these revisions shall be made by a supermajority, seventy-five percent (75%), of the GSC members in attendance.


7.1.      The Candidacy Process for the Council of Representatives will be from the approval of the GSC Bylaws to April 30, 2014.
7.2.      The Official Ballot shall be approved by the Executive Council no later than March 7, 2014 to expedite the Council of Representatives Elections to be held no later than April 2014.
7.3.      Upon completion of the 2014 election, these provisos will be null and void.


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