Article VI

1. There are two different regular meetings of the GSC:


1.1.1. The Council shall meet on a monthly basis on the second (2nd) Thursday of the month; In order for Council of Representatives meetings to proceed, a quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the representatives in attendance; and Should the quorum not be met, the meeting will be cancelled and the agenda moved to the next scheduled date. If there is an University closure on the second Thursday, the meeting shall be conducted on either the first or third Thursday of the month; and The agenda of the meeting will be part of the next regularly scheduled meeting.


1.2.1. University Staff shall meet twice a year on the third Thursday in March and October University Staff is defined as the entire staff of the University that meets the definitions in Article IV; In order for University Staff meetings to proceed, a quorum of at least 5% of the total number of staff members in attendance; The nearest round number shall be used as quorum determination (e.g. 5% of 525 is 26.25, it should be rounded off to 26 or 5% of 531 is 26.55, it should be rounded off to 27) The Chair shall summarize the activities of all Council of Representatives and Executive Committee meetings.

2. Should the University close for whatever reason (i.e. inclement weather, furloughs, or the like), on the day a Council of Representatives or University Staff meeting is held, the meeting will be rescheduled to the following Thursday.


3.1. To call for a special meeting of either the Council of Representatives or the University Staff, the petition procedures set forth in Article X, Number 1 needs to be adhered to; 
3.2. Members of the Executive Committee shall call for a special meeting of the GSC upon receipt of a petition utilizing the procedures set forth in Article X, Number 1.2.


4.1. Release time for members to attend regular, emergency and/or special meetings without requiring lost time to be made up shall be strongly encouraged by the member's immediate supervisor. 
4.2. Should a member's immediate supervisor strongly discourage a member from participation, the member is empowered to engage the Chair and with the Chair's support, engage the Human Resources Services (HRS) office; and

4.2.1. No retaliatory action(s) shall be made by the member's immediate supervisor for bringing the issue to attention.

5. Addressing the Executive Committee and GSC Membership

5.1. GSC members wishing to address the Executive Committee must first obtain approval from the Executive Officers to place the member on the agenda; or
5.2. GSC members who wish to address the GSC may do so during New Business at any GSC meeting.


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