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Article X


1.1. Procedures apply to the following:

1.1.1. Calling a Special Meeting; or
1.1.2. Recall.

1.2.To call a Special meeting, the GSC member must submit a letter to the Chair and the Secretary stating the purpose of the petition;

1.2.1. The petition must have at least ten percent of the total University Staff; The signatures must be validated by HRS prior to the submission of the letter; All signatures must be accompanied by a printed petition that clearly states the purpose of the petition; The HRS must formally certify the validation in writing on the official letterhead of said office.

1.2.2. The Council of Representatives also reserves the right to issue an immediate recall of a representative or an elected officer. The motion for a recall by the Council of Representatives must be passed with a supermajority, seventy-five percent of all elected representatives. For a successful recall, the Council of Representatives must have votes supporting the recall from the supermajority, seventy-five percent of the representatives in attendance.

1.3. Upon receiving the letter and determining the date and location of the meeting, the Secretary shall announce the nature of the meeting to the GSC members.
1.4. To recall an officer, the member must adhere to the procedure as stated in Number 1.2 of this Article.

1.4.1. The motion to recall must be made during New Business; The recalled officer must be given an opportunity to provide a defense and members given an opportunity to gather information before the motion is voted on;

1.4.2. If the motion to recall is passed, a special election is to be held at the next regularly scheduled GSC meeting; The motion to recall must have a supermajority, seventy-five percent (75%), of the GSC members in attendance; and

1.4.3. The individual elected to fill the vacancy shall complete the remainder of the recalled officer's term; and If the recalled officer is the Chair, the next elected officer in the order of succession will immediately take over the recall proceedings;

1.5. Order of Succession

1.5.1. Vice-Chair
1.5.2. Secretary
1.5.3. If there are no elected officers available, the representatives may appoint a Chair pro tempore to take over the proceedings and a Secretary pro tempore to make a recording of the meeting.


2.1. An Executive Officer or Representative who misses three consecutive regularly scheduled meetings without prior notification or misses at least three (3) GSC meetings may be subject to recall; and
2.2. If there is a vacancy, the Chair shall reference the GSC Election Guidelines to fill it.


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