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Gallaudet information security officer warns of "sextortion" emails

[image of Jared Evans sharing the message with the community]

Video transcript: 

Hello, my name is Jared Evans. I’m Gallaudet’s Information Security Officer.

I’m making this vlog today because a few people in the Gallaudet community notified me that they’ve received strange emails. After reading up on this issue I felt it was important enough to make this vlog to alert the Gallaudet community and to let everyone know what to do if you receive a similar email.

These emails are known as “sextortion” emails. They have a subject line that includes your name and one of your passwords. This could be an old password that you haven’t used in a while, or it might be one of your current passwords.

The email goes on to say that a hacker has installed a virus on your computer and has taken control of your webcam. It says you’ve visited porn websites and that they’ve recorded your reaction to watching them. Then it threatens you by demanding that if you don’t pay $7000 it will distribute that video of you to your contact list in order to embarrass you.

You might be wondering, “How did they get my name and password?” That’s not what’s most important, at this point. What’s important is how you handle the situation.

If the password is indeed an old one that you haven’t used in many years, go ahead and ignore and delete the email.

If, however, it’s a password that you currently use, go to the sites and/or accounts where you use that password and change them all. Then you can ignore and delete the email.

Do not respond. If you did respond to it, please see me and I will help you with your situation.

So now, if you get one of these “sextortion” emails, you will know what to do.

Posted by Jared Evans | Posted July 27, 2018 at 10:45 AM


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