Exec Director:  Earl Parks 
Contact:  Bernadine Bertrand 
Merrill Learning Center (MLC) MLC 1120

VP : 202-250-2507
Voice: 202-651-5494
Fax: 202-651-5213

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Test environments are available for use. Please refer to operating hours below.
VPN is required to access all test environments.

For purpose of test environments, please refer to this link: Purpose of Test Environment.

Campus Solutions Test Environments

CS92DEV 6a to 11p offline 4/10/2020 8.58.03 17 gaudccsdevdb01 gaudccsdevappl01 gaudccsdevappl01 gaudccsdevprcsw01 gaudccsdevprcsw01 gaudccsdevappl01 Dev
CS92TST 6a to 11p offline 9/15/2020 8.58.03 17 gaudccststdb01 gaudccststappl01 gaudccststappl01 gaudccststprcsw01 gaudccststprcsw01 gaudccststappl01 Test
CS92UAT 6a to 11p offline 6/28/2020 8.58.03 17 gaudccsuatdb01 gaudccsuatappl01 gaudccsuatappl01 gaudccsuatprcsw01 gaudccsuatprcsw01 gaudccsuatappl01 UAT (User Acceptance Testing)
CS92DLY 6a to 11p 6a to 11p Daily 8.58.03 17 gaudccsdlydb01 gaudccsdlyappl01 gaudccsdlyappl01 gaudccdlyprcsw01 gaudccdlyprcsw01 gaudccsdlyappl01 Prod Copy

Human Resources Test Environments

HR92DEV 24 hours 24 hours 5/11/2020 34 8.58.03 gaudchrdevdb01 gaudchrdevappl01 gaudchrdevappl01 gaudchrdevprcsw0 gaudchrdevprcsw01 gaudchrdevappl01 Dev 19c
HR92TST 6a to 11p offline 5/1/2020 27 8.56.01 gaudchrtstdb01 gaudchrtstappl01 gaudchrtstappl01 gaudchrtstprcsw0 gaudchrtstprcsw01 gaudchrtstappl01 Test
HR92UAT 6a to 11p offline 9/8/2020 34 8.58.03 gaudchruatdb01 gaudchruatappl01 gaudchruatappl01 gaudchruatprcsw01 gaudchruatprcsw01 gaudchruatappl01 UAT (User Acceptance Testing) 19c
HR92DLY 6a to 11p 6a to 11p Daily 27 8.56.01 gaudchrdlydb01 gaudchrdlyappl01 gaudchrdlyappl01 gaudchrdlyprcsw01 gaudchrdlyprcsw01 gaudchrdlyappl01 Prod Copy

Financial Test Environments

FIN92DEV 6a to 11p offline 5/24/2019 30 8.56.10 gaudcfsdevdb01 gaudcfsdevappl01 gaudcfsdevappl01 gaudcfsdevprcsw01 gaudcfsdevprcsw01 gaudcfsdevappl01 Dev
FS92TST 24 hours 24 hours 8/5/2020 30 8.56.10 gaudcfststdb01 gaudcfststappl01 gaudcfststappl01 gaudcfststprcsw01 gaudcfststprcsw01 gaudcfststappl01 Test
FS92UAT offline offline 8/5/2020 30 8.56.10 gaudcfsuatdb01 gaudcfsuatappl01 gaudcfsuatappl01 gaudcfsuatprcsw01 gaudcfsuatprcsw01 gaudcfsuatappl01 UAT (User Acceptance Testing)
FS92DLY 6a to 11p 6a to 11p Daily 30 8.56.10 gaudcfsdlydb01 gaudcfsdlyappl01 gaudcfsdlyappl01 gaudcfsdlyprcsw01 gaudcfsdlyprcsw01 gaudcfsdlyappl01 Prod Copy

Production Version Info

CS 8.58.03 17
HCM 8.58.03 34 19c
FIN 8.56.10 30



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Human Resources
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800 Florida Avenue NE
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