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Gaurav Arora

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Hall Memorial Building N314

Gaurav Arora received his Ph.D. in Biology from Georgia Institute of Technology. His doctoral thesis focused on understanding the evolutionary differences between human and chimpanzee apoptotic function. He was also involved in looking at the effects of small insertion and deletion sequences between human and chimpanzee genomes. While at Georgia Tech, Dr. Arora entered a fellowship program for training undergraduate teaching assistants. It was during this time that he developed a strong interest in undergraduate biology education.

Dr. Arora conducted his post-doctoral fellowship in Dr. Anne Rosenwald’s lab at Georgetown University. He is involved with the Genome Solver project , which aims to improve undergraduate bioinformatics education. Using bioinformatics tools, Dr. Arora ‘s current research looks at the effects of overlapping open reading frames in yeast genomes and the role of microbiome in ecological systems. Dr. Arora is involved with synergistic activities of the American Society of Microbiology and with the Genomics Education Partnership at Washington University ion St. Louis.


University of Mumbai, India                           Chemistry (Hons.)                B.Sc., 1999

University of Mumbai, India                           Biochemistry                        M.Sc., 2001

Georgia State University, Atlanta GA              Biology                                MS, 2006

Georgia Institute of Technology,Atlanta GA     Biology                                Ph.D., 2011

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A detailed description of my work can be found in my Curriculum Vitae.

List of Awards/Recognitions

Human Genetics (Bio 411/Bio 711) - Fall 2019

Genetics (Bio 211) - Spring 2019

Principles of Biology for Science Majors (Bio 107) - Fall 2018

Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning: telling Stories with Data, a course on Data Visualization in the era of Big Data (GSR 230)- Spring 2018, Spring 2020

Introduction to Biology (Bio 105) - Fall 2015- Spring 2018

Programming Fundamentals (ITS-110) - Fall 2016 - Current

Current member of the Genomics Education Partnership,  The Genetics Society of America, AAAS and The American Society of Microbiology. I have served as a member of the Local Steering Committee for The American Society of Microbiology, Conference for Undergraduate Researchers, 2016. I also served as a member of Gallaudet University's Teaching and Learning with Technology Committee from Spring 2016 to Spring 2017. Currently I am a member of Gallaudet University's Council for Undergraduate Education.

My current research interests include identifying horizontal gene transfer instances between bacteria and phages. This is a project that was developed under the Next-Gen Genome Solver project. Genome Solver is an NSF-funded project and I am currently a co-PI on this along with Dr. Anne Rosenwald at Georgetown University. I am also interested in analysis of microbiome and I am currently working with Dr. Caroline Solomon and Dr. Derek Braun at Gallaudet University on the analysis of water samples. My other interests include analysis of overlapping open reading frames in yeast. All my work uses Bioinformatics tools like BLAST, MEGA, Artemis and Galaxy. In addition Python and R programming language scripts are used to analyze DNA sequences.

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800 Florida Avenue NE
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800 Florida Avenue NE
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