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Interview Process Guideline for Staff Positions

*For all Clerc Center staff positions, please contact for clarification of the interview process*

Search Committee

  • Each search committee will have a Chairperson.  The Chairperson will be responsible for coordinating the hiring process and will work closely with Human Resources Services (HRS).  An HRS representative will be assigned to the position.
  • The Chairperson should receive clear guidance on the expectation and design of the interview process from the senior administrator or administrative officer.  For example, the search committee may be given the authority to make the final decision on the hire or the interview committee may make a recommendation to the senior administrator or administrative officer who will then make the final decision. 
  • The Chairperson will select the members of the committee (3 or 4 members are ideal).  It is critical to include deaf or hard of hearing individuals, members from traditionally underrepresented groups, and both men and women, whenever possible.
  • Once a search committee is formed, please send the list to the Director of Equal Employment Opportunity Program (EEOP), Sharrell McCaskill.  She must approve the committee first before interviews can be held. 
  • The search committee must attend EEO training provided by the Director of EEOP and HRS.  This must be completed before interviews are conducted.  If a committee member completed training within a year before the interviews, they are excused from training.  To set up training, please send an email to
  • Once the interview list is finalized, please send it to HRS.  Each committee member must complete a Search Committee Confidentiality Agreement.  This agreement will be sent to each member through EchoSign.

Reviewing Applications

  • Under "Interview Team Schedule" in PeopleSoft (, you will find a list of applicants who have met the minimum requirements for your position.  It is important to review each application carefully and select those you want to interview.  You may print out the applications for those who are selected for interview.
  • You should develop a list of job-based selection criteria that will be used when selecting candidates to be interviewed.  Some examples of criteria are knowledge of the job, problem-solving abilities, and supervision and delegation experience.
  • If you feel that you have a satisfactory applicant pool, you can inform HRS to close the position (if you have not yet done this).
  • You will then be sent the Applicant List.  The Applicant List will show a list of applicants who were rejected during the pre-screening process. 
  • A Screening Rubric must be developed to assist with the selection process.  The job description should be used to develop the criteria on the Screening Rubric.  The sample screening rubric can be found here.  Please contact HRS if you need assistance.
  • For those who were not chosen to be interviewed, please list the reasons for rejection on the Applicant List.
  • The Applicant List and Screening Rubric must be sent back to HRS and the Director of EOP through email before the interviews are scheduled.  Once the list of applicants selected for interviews is approved, the Chairperson will be notified.

Scheduling Interviews

  • Schedule an interpreter well in advance if needed.  You should also arrange for any other requested reasonable accommodation.
  • Develop a list of job-related questions.  You must send the questions to the Director of EEO for approval and to ensure they are appropriate. 
  • Designate a person to schedule interviews.  The Interview Fact Sheet and job description should be sent to each candidate before the interview.  The fact sheet can be found here.  Please ensure that you fill in the blanks (where the "??" is located).
  • Each member of the search committee must attend all interviews.  If one member of the search committee is unavailable on the interview date, the interview must be rescheduled.  If rescheduling is not possible, then that member must be removed from the committee and his/her feedback may not be considered.

Interviewing Candidates

  • Each member on the search committee must complete a Search Committee Recommendation Form for each candidate.
  • Upon the conclusion of the interview, the committee will discuss each candidate and complete one Interview Evaluation Form for each candidate.


  • Reference checks must be conducted for high potential candidates.  A sample reference check form can be found here.
  • After there is a clear decision (first choice, second choice, do not hire, etc), all forms, including reference checks, must be sent back to HRS.  
  • HRS will complete the final requisition form with the selection.  The requisition form must be approved and signed by the unit administrator, senior administrator, administrative officer, and the Director of Equal Opportunity Programs.  
  • If the requisition form is approved by all appropriate administrators, HRS will reach out to the unit administrator to discuss the salary offer.
  • HRS will make the job offer to the first choice candidate.  If the first choice declines, HRS will make the offer to the second choice candidate, if any.
  • Once a candidate accepts the offer, HRS will send a rejection email to all applicants who were not selected for an interview in addition to those candidates who were interviewed but was not selected.

***If you have any questions, please send an email to***


Last updated: 1/24/2019



800 Florida Avenue NE
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800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002