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Hiring Student Workers

When your department is looking to hire student workers, the unit administrator must ensure there is enough funding in the budget to cover the students’ wages.  Once the department is ready to hire students, a Personnel Action Form (PAF) must be prepared.  The object code can either be 5135 or 5136. It is important to follow the salary pay scale guideline set forth by the Career Center.  For more information on student pay, please contact Stephanie Walden.  

The PAFs for students are only needed to be signed by the timekeeper, supervisor or unit administrator within the department.  Please do double-check with the unit administrator for signature authority. Please note that during the summer, if the student worker is not registered for classes, a new PAF would need to be prepared to move  the student worker to short-term temporary status.  

Students, if paid by the hour, must use Time and Labor to record their hours worked.

A separation PAF must be prepared to ensure the student is inactive in Bison when they no longer work for the department.    


  1. Prepare a letter of hire to the new employee.  The letter of hire should contain the wage acknowledgment notice (effective January 1, 2018, all students must sign the wage acknowledgment notice).  The sample letter can be found HERE.
  2. Send the letter of hire to the new employee.  Since the new employee must sign the letter, it is recommended to send to letter of hire through Echo Sign (  Echo Sign is the currently the quickest way to obtain the employee’s signature. 
  3. Please also send the Federal tax form, state tax form (VA, DC, MD, PA, DE, or WV only), I9 form, employee data sheet, and direct deposit form. The employee can complete the forms electronically or mail it to department.  These forms are also available on Echo Sign.  If using Echo Sign, the employee will not be able to complete the SSN on the forms due to security reasons.  You would need to fill that in upon receipt. 
  4. Prepare the Personnel Action Form (PAF) for the new employee and attach a copy of the letter of hire (with the employee’s signature), the forms mentioned in #3, and the new employee’s job description.  The PAF must then be signed by the unit administrator and senior administrator.
  5. One week before the new employees’ starting date, check in to see the status of the PAF.  It should be received at least two business days before the new employee is scheduled to start.            



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