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Leave Without Pay and Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Leave Without Pay
Leave Without Pay may occur due to a variety of reasons, including voluntary and involuntary.  It is important for support staff and supervisors to be familiar with A&O Policy 4.19.  The policy can be found here.

If an employee is on leave without pay (LWOP) for more than three days, please prepare a Personnel Action Form (PAF).  In general, no letter is needed except for requests of extended LWOP If a formal request and approval were given please attach a copy. Once the employee returns back to work, a new PAF should be submitted.

Leave without pay cannot be applied until annual leave and sick leave and/or other appropriate leaves are depleted.  In some unique circumstances, leave without pay may be applied although the leave balance is not yet depleted. 

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
When an employee’s FMLA request is approved, the notification email is sent to the employee and the direct supervisor.  The FMLA approval form will contain the dates the employee is covered by FMLA.  The department is responsible for keeping track of FMLA leave.  The employee would use their sick leave, annual leave, or other paid leave concurrently.  When the employee submits the leave request form and indicate that the leave taken is to due FMLA, the information must be noted in the comment box in T&L.  The employee can only use FMLA during the approved dates.

Please note that employees can be approved for up to 16 weeks over a two-year period under the DC FMLA law.  Under the Federal FMLA law, the employee can be approved for up to 12 weeks per year.  Thus, it is possible that the employee to use 16 weeks in one calendar year, and then 12 weeks in the following calendar year. 

More information on FMLA can be found under A&O Policy 4.19.


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