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Reclassification or Promotion of an Employee within the Department

This section applies to current regular status or extended temporary staff employees.

Occasionally there are substantial increases in duties and responsibilities of an incumbent which warrant a revised job description and which may result in a higher job evaluation and/or salary range.  On other occasions, an employee may be selected to move into a vacant position of increased responsibility or professional proficiency with a higher salary level range classification. A move into a vacant position requires an approved requisition. The employee does not need to apply and/or interview for the position but HRS must review the employees resume, education and work history to ensure that the employee meets the minimum qualifications for the position.  However if the department wishes to open the position internally, all eligible and qualified employees should be given the opportunity to apply for the position.  

If the supervisor obtains approval from the appropriate administrators to reclassify or promote an employee within the department, the job description must be approved by HRS first to determine if the level has changed and the title is appropriate.  Upon approval, a Personnel Action Form (PAF) would need to be prepared.  A wage letter must be sent to the employee to be signed and attached to the PAF. Any change in salary must follow the compensation guidelines. The staff compensation guidelines are available on the HRS website.


  1. Send revised job description to HRS for review and approval.
  2. For a promotion to a vacant position prepare a requisition form, attach the job description and the employee’s resume, send the approved requisition to HRS for review and approval.
  3. Once approved by HRS, the appropriate administrators, and Director of Equal Opportunity Programs, send the letter of reclassification or promotion to the employee.  Since the employee must sign the letter, it is recommended to send to letter of hire through Echo Sign (  Echo Sign is the currently the quickest way to obtain the employee’s signature.
  4. Prepare the Personnel Action Form (PAF) for the employee and attach a copy of the letter (with the employee’s signature) and the employee’s job description.  The PAF must then be signed by the unit administrator, senior administrator, and for some divisions, the administrative officer (you can check with the unit administrator or Director of HRS if you are unsure).   
  5. A copy of the new job description must also be given to the employee.  The supervisor and employee should review the job description and expectations can be set for the employee.  


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