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Requesting a New Position

Requesting a New Staff Position (Regular-Status or Extended Temporary)
When the unit administrator wants to request a new staff position (regular status or extended temporary), the job description must be reviewed and approved first by Human Resources (HR).  HR will then assign a salary grade level and FLSA status (exempt or non-exempt).  Upon approval, a requisition form and justification form (optional—depending on division) should be prepared.  The updated job description must be attached to the requisition.  The requisition should be signed by the unit administrator, senior administrator (Executive Director or Dean) and administrative officer (Provost, Vice-President, or President).  If all administrators approve of the position, the signed requisition should be sent to HR.  The department will receive an email once the position is posted on the website. 

In some cases, the department just wants to replace a recently vacated position.  If there is no change to the job description, then there is no need to go through HR for review/approval.  The department would only need to prepare a requisition form (and attach the job description).  However, if the job description is different from what HRS has on file, the department will be contacted to work on the job description with HR. 


  1. Send the job description to HRS for review and approval.  Please ensure you use the correct format.
  2.  Upon obtaining approval, prepare a requisition form and justification form.  Please note that the justification form is optional.    
  3. Attach the approved job description to the requisition.  The requisition form must then be signed by the unit administrator, senior administrator, and administrative officer.
  4. The signed requisition should then be sent to HRS.  Please use AdobeSign to send the requisition. 
  5. The position will then be posted.  The unit administrator will receive an email notification from HRS.

Requesting a Temporary Position (120-day, On-Call, Substitute, etc.)
When the department seeks to hire a short-term temporary employee (120-day, on-call, substitute, etc.), it does not require approval from HR.  The unit administrator should ensure there is enough funding in the departmental budget to hire a short-term temporary employee.  The unit administrator should also ensure there is fairness in the hiring and selection process.  There must be a commitment to equity and diversity in the process.  The department can work directly with the new employee to determine the hourly rate.  However, it is highly recommended for departments to check in with HR for the appropriate salary range.  Oftentimes, a current short-term temporary employee is eventually offered a regular-status or an extended temporary position within the department (following an interview).  There are challenges during salary negotiation when their offered salary is much lower than their hourly rate as a short-term temporary employee.  For all regular status and extended temporary positions, the offered salary must go through HR (to ensure internal equity). 


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