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Posted 3/11/2020 at 12:36 PM EST

Sick Leave, Staff Sick Leave Loan Program, and Annual Leave


Support staff and supervisors should be familiar with A&O Policy 4.12: Sick Leave.  The policy can be found here.  Sick leave is only used when the employee is ill, caring for a family member, or attending medical/dental/vision appointments.  If the employee is out of sick leave, annual leave should be applied, if any.  

Employees may also use up to 56 hours of sick leave towards family care per calendar year.  The department is responsible for keeping track of such leave.  You will have access to such information in the Time & Labor timekeeping system (T&L). 

In some circumstances, staff employees are unable to continue working due to their own medical needs.  If their annual and sick leave balances are depleted, they may have the opportunity to borrow from the Sick Leave Loan Program.  A Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) request form as well as the sick leave loan request form must be submitted to HRS.  Please ask the employee to contact to obtain the forms. 

If the employee is approved to borrow from the program, HRS will send the instructions to the support staff and the supervisor. The employee must be on leave without pay for 5 business days before borrowing from the program.  The forms will indicate the number of hours paid to employee in each pay period.  You must prepare a check request for each pay period.

For more information on the Sick Leave Loan Program, including the procedures, please visit A&O Policy 4.20: Sick Leave Loan Program.  The policy can be found here.

Paid annual leave provides eligible employees with time off for rest and relaxation and to conduct personal business. Annual leave must be requested and approved in advance. If an employee is out of annual leave, sick leave may not be substituted. Annual leave may not be borrowed in advance.  It may only be used as earned. The use of annual leave is tracked in the Time & Labor timekeeping system. It is important that annual leave use is entered in a timely manner for the pay period it is used. 

Support staff and supervisors should review A&O Policy 4.11: Annual Leave for more detailed information on the annual leave program.  The policy can be found here




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800 Florida Avenue NE
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