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Special Pay Personnel Action Form (SPAF) or Personnel Action Form (PAF)

The Special Pay Actions Form (SPAF) is used primarily for short-term projects or assignments. These payments may be one lump sum or spread over several pay periods.  In other cases, SPAFs can be used for one-time payments such as honorariums, award, participation, etc.  Adjunct faculty are paid by the credit hour on an Adjunct SPAF.  Departments should follow the criteria when using an SPAF:

  1. The work to be performed is of a different capacity than the individual's regular employment.  For example, an increase in the volume of the work due to temporarily supporting two departments instead of one department does not justify a need to issue an SPAF.  This can be recognized in the annual performance evaluation.   
  2. The work is occasional or sporadic, and must be performed within a certain period of time (with a start and end date).
  3. The employee freely and solely at his/her own option participates in the activity.
  4. Pay for the work is irrespective of the amount of time needed to complete the project. 
  5. Project pay must not be used to circumvent wage and hour reporting requirements, overtime pay, minimum wage requirements, or other state and federal laws.

Work that is performed of a non-exempt nature must be paid on a regular PAF with an hourly rate. Temporary employees and student workers are generally paid hourly.  These employees must log their time in T&L.  

Please note that all students must be paid on PAF except for those who are paid on a stipend.  A stipend may be allowed only if the student receives tuition waiver and/or free room and board.  This applies to graduate assistantships.  

If you are unsure whether to use a SPAF or PAF, please contact the Payroll Manager or the Director of HRS.




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800 Florida Avenue NE
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