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Termination of an Employee

Termination of a Regular Status or Extended Temporary Employee
Once the department receives notification that a regular status or extended temporary employee is leaving the department, please prepare the Separation Personnel Action Form.  The employee’s resignation letter should be attached.  If the employee is involuntarily terminated, the supervisor’s letter to employee must be attached.   It is critical for HRS to receive the necessary paperwork before the last day.  It helps prevent overpayment and ensures that the employees no longer have access to certain systems after their last day.   We can also collect any amount owed through the employee’s final paycheck, if applicable.

It is also important to send an email to  This will notify DPS, GTS, Finance Office, Contracts and Purchasing, and HRS (including Payroll).  DPS and Finance Office can confirm whether or not the employee owes any fees.  HRS will also be aware of the termination and will watch for the separation PAF.  It can help prevent employees from being overpaid.  

If the regular status employee is being involuntarily terminated, it is crucial that the Director of HRS and Director of EOP are aware of such termination and have given their approval.  The employee must receive the final paycheck on the next business day.  This is a requirement under the D.C. law.  In order to process the termination in a timely manner, please send an email to and send the signed PAF to HRS. If possible, try to ensure the PAF is signed by all administrators before the anticipated termination date.  A check request would also need to be attached (it should contain the number of hours worked—Payroll will take care of the rest).

Whenever possible, remind the employee to make an appointment with the Benefits Office ( to review disposition of benefits and set an exit interview.  

If the employee is retiring, the department is also encouraged to pick up the retirement award from HRS prior to the last day.  It takes about two months for HRS to receive the award, thus, the department would need to be notified by the employee at least two months in advance. Otherwise, the award will be mailed to the employee’s home.  Sending the separation PAF to HRS as soon as the employee has notified the department will ensure a smooth process even if it is months in advance.


  1. Prepare the PAF and attach the resignation letter.  For those who were involuntarily terminated, the termination letter from the supervisor should be attached.  Please use this checklist for guidance.  
  2. Ensure that any keys, ID, equipment, credit card, etc. are returned to the department.  If the employee owes any fines or tuition fees, it should be noted on the PAF (so it can be deducted from the final paycheck).  By sending the email to, the departments will notify you if any amount is owed.  
  3. If the employee is being involuntarily terminated, please do not send an email to until after the employee is informed.  
  4. The separation PAF must be signed by the unit administrator, senior administrator, and in some divisions, the administrative officer (please check with the unit administrator or Director of HRS if you are unsure).
  5. Please double-check in Time and Labor to be sure the employee's timesheet is no longer viewable.

Termination of Other Temporary Employees
When a temporary employee’s appointment expires, such as a 120-day temporary employee, a separation PAF must be done to inactivate the employee.  Because these employees may earn sick leave and be enrolled in health insurance, it is important that HRS and Payroll know of their last day of employment in a timely manner.


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