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Transferring a Current Employee

If a regular-status or extended temporary employee in your department is transferring to another department, there is no paperwork that is required to be prepared by your department.  Please ensure that the employee returns keys, equipment, etc., if any.  The support staff from the employee’s new department may contact you for the employee’s job and salary information.

If a regular-status or extended temporary employee is transferring into your department, you must prepare the Personnel Action Form (PAF) and a letter of transfer.  The PAF should contain the employee’s previous job information as well as the new job information.  You can contact the previous department or HRS for employee’s previous job information.  The letter of transfer must contain the wage acknowledgment notice and should be signed by the employee prior to submitting the PAF for signatures. 


  1. Prepare a letter of transfer to the employee.  The letter of transfer should contain the wage acknowledgment notice.
  2. Send the letter of transfer to the employee.  Since the employee must sign the letter, it is recommended to send to letter of transfer through Echo Sign (  Echo Sign is the currently the quickest way to obtain the employee’s signature. 
  3. Prepare the Personnel Action Form (PAF) for the employee and attach a copy of the letter of transfer (with the employee’s signature) and the employee’s job description.  The PAF must then be signed by the unit administrator, senior administrator, and for some divisions, the administrative officer (you can check with the unit administrator or Director of HRS if you are unsure).   
  4. One week before the new employees’ starting date, check in to see the status of the PAF.  It should be received by HRS at least three business days before the employee is scheduled to start.
  5. Please ensure that the employee’s workstation, access, etc., if any, is available by the employee’s first day.


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