FAQ for Supervisors with Student Workers (by the Career Center)

Can I allow my student-workers to work remotely?
Yes, supervisors can consider redesigning students’ jobs to allow them to work remotely with permission of the Unit Administrator.  As with professional staff, please have student workers review the Interim Remote Working Policy and send them the Remote Work Agreement Form for signature. Directions for sending the Remote Work Agreement Form can be found here.

Consider using the Template for Supervisors to Define Responsibilities to help guide your discussion with your student staff in terms of existing work and redesigned work and how it can be done remotely.  Ask them for their ideas and input--this may be an opportunity for innovation and trying new ideas.

Students must clock in and out of Time and Labor when they work to ensure compliance with DC law.  Please remind them that meal breaks are unpaid so they should clock out during that time. We suggest you develop a virtual check-in and checkout process with students so you know they have shown up and are working. We do not encourage student workers working more than 20 hours per week.  Remember they are still in classes and are expected to maintain good academic performance.  Students will probably not work their normal work hours since they are working remotely however this is a way for them to continue being paid.

I have a student worker who is being paid through the Federal Work Study program.  Can the student worker continue to receive pay although they are not on campus? 
Yes, Gallaudet is committed to continue providing pay to students who are paid through the Federal Work Study program.  We are encouraging supervisors to consider redesigning the students’ jobs to allow them to work remotely.  However, if there is absolutely nothing the students can be reassigned to, they will still receive pay.

If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to the Office of Financial Aid.  

I have a student worker who has a job that cannot be done remotely.  What should I do?
In this case, we are encouraging supervisors to consider redesigning the job to allow students to continue working.  Supervisors should try to identify tasks that the students can perform remotely.  Examples of remote jobs: developing VLOGs; creating material for bulletin boards, monitoring department email, etc.  If needed, the Career Center staff, Stephanie Walden, is available to provide support and to work with you in identifying tasks that the students can perform remotely.  

What if my department doesn’t have any work that a student can do remotely?
Gallaudet is committed to continuing pay for students who are unable to work remotely.  To determine how many hours to pay students, units must look at the average hours worked across three pay periods (January 20 to February 2; February 3 to February 16; and February 17 to March 1).  For example, if the student worked an average 20 hours biweekly, then the student will be paid 10 hours per week until Friday, May 8.

To document this in Time and Labor, the timekeeper should select the TRC code "Non-Work Paid Time."  Instructions can be found here

What if the actual hours worked remotely is still under the average hours worked across the three pay periods?
The timekeeper should add "Non-Work Paid Time" so that the student receive the exact average hours worked.  

How can I meet with students?
Consider using virtual tools for meetings. You can schedule times to meet via Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime, etc. If you need help or training on deciding which tools are best for you and how to get started, contact eLearning via the IT Service Desk, https://gallaudet.edu/itservicedesk.

Zoom, for example, allows you to create a private “room” and those with your personal room ID number can join any time while the room is open. This could function as a kind of “drop-in” office hour. 

How do I set expectations for the student worker?
We recommend you schedule regular check-ins with your student staff. As the supervisor, you should communicate and discuss expectations that they should be available during their scheduled work hours (be clear about work hours if they are in a different time zone!) through IM, Google Chat, Zoom, email, etc.  You can ask your team members to be shown as “active” online through Google Chat. Make it a point to do regular check-ins during the day or week and consider having regular Zoom meetings with your student team to checkin as a whole and create a sense of community.

What are some strategies for supervising student staff remotely?

●       Make sure that students follow the “Honesty Policy.” They must record only those hours that they actually work.

●       Make sure there is sufficient work for students to do remotely.


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