Stage 2: Course Design

Since you are a GU certified online instructor and want to develop an online/hybrid course, you should submit the Google intake form first as well as get familiar with the CUE/CGE F2F to Online Conversion policies

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After you get approval from your chair, you can begin the stage 2. 

During the course design, course developers usually explain to the instructional designer why they want to develop an online/hybrid course. Some of questions they are expected to answer are: 

  • Duration of the online/hybrid course: 8 weeks or 15 weeks? 
  • Format: Online or hybrid? 
  • Have completed the ID intake form? 
  • Have received permission from their chair to develop the course? 
  • What is the target audience? 

Also, they can ask the instructional designer to share a Google driver folder with them for consultation. 

In order to understand instructional designer services better, Faculty are advised to read the articles: 

Moreover, online instructors can get tips about how to organize their content coherently. Click on "Developing an Online Course"  link. 

Course developers are given copies of course templates such as the course chunking plan template. If they want to learn how to chunk their course, they are advised to read the article written by Connie Malamed. 


Quality Matters emphasizes the importance of alignment in course design. Their definition of alignment is: 

"Critical course components - Learning Objectives (2), Assessment and Measurement (3), Resources and Materials (4), Learner Engagement (5), and Course Technology (6) - work together to ensure that students achieve the desired learning outcomes. When aligned, each of these course components is directly tied to and supports the learning objectives."

More specifically, the QM Standards marked with alignment are as follows: 

  1. Learning Objectives
  2. Assessment and Measurement
  3. Instructional Materials
  4. Learner Interaction and Engagement
  5. Course Technology

In order to ensure that online/hybrid courses are of high quality, online instructors and course developers can print and use the QM course checklist  to review their own courses. Click here.  

Bloom's Taxonomies

Although there are numerous articles on Bloom's Taxonomies on the Internet, these are two good sources to get you started: 


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