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December 18, 2020: Priority Research Grants Program Expression of Interest deadline

Gallaudet faculty and staff members who are interested in obtaining a grant from the Priority Research Fund should send an Expression of Interest (EOI) to Apply by December 18, 2020. The Priority Research Fund (PRF) provides seed funds for a duration of no more than three years to support activities advancing competitive research proposals, such as preliminary work and facilitating collaboration. It is expected that the research project will be submitted to an external funding organization within a year of the time that research seed funding ends. Topics must have a clear connection to the research priorities of the University. PRF funds can cover such expenses as hiring student researchers, subject payments, course time release, and travel expenses for the purpose of collecting data. The funds CANNOT be applied to:

  • Curriculum development.

  • Capital projects (i.e., construction or renovation of research facilities).

  • Non-research training grants.

  • Development (the production of materials, digital archives for preservation, devices, systems, or methods, including the design and development of prototypes and processes).

  • Establishment of an academic or extracurricular program.

  • Dissertation studies, pre-dissertation studies, or master's theses.

  • Presentations and/or conference fees.

  • Cost of travel to present research findings.

  • Cost of preparing research reports or other charges related to publication.

  • Institutional research (internal or department studies).


For more information: 

Priority Research Fund (PRF): Information

PRF EOI: Expression of Interest to Apply Form

Posted by Susan Larrison | Posted November 19, 2020 at 2:18 PM


800 Florida Avenue NE
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800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002