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Gallaudet University Acquires Contract with SignAll Technologies for the Project “SignALL – Automated Translation"

The Office of Sponsored Programs wishes to congratulate Dr. Patrick Boudreault, Principal Investigator, on his contract in the amount of $21,567.

Summary of the Project

SignALL Automated Translation is a project based in Hungary that aims to provide full automated sign-to-text translation.  The goal of the partnership between SignALL and Gallaudet University is to create full accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing people and to broaden the possibilities of communication across different languages.  Gallaudet’s Technology Access Program, led by Dr. Christian Vogler, is a unit committed to creating equality in telecommunications.  This project is a cross-collaboration between the Department of Interpretation and Translation, Dr. Boudreault's home department, and Gallaudet’s Technology Access Program.  Both investigators and their departments are integral to the project with staff providing translation and computer language processing expertise on the type of vocabulary words and sentences that are recorded for the software.

Details of the award are as follows:

Dr. Patrick Boudreault, Principal Investigator

Associate Professor, Department of Translation and Interpretation

Dr. Christian Vogler, Co-Principal Investigator

Professor, Director of Technology Access Program, Department of Art, Communication, and Theater

SignAll Technologies

Dollar amount of private funds awarded:  $21,567 for the period of October 2, 2017 through June 1, 2018.

Percentage total cost of the program financed with private funding:  100%

Grants and contracts are integral to establishing "Gallaudet as the epicenter of research development and outreach leading to advancements in knowledge and practice for deaf and hard of hearing people and all humanity."  A central component of Gallaudet University's mission is the enhancement of faculty and staff opportunities for creative and scholarly research and training.  If you have a question about the grant writing process or if you have an idea or concept and would like to discuss potential grant opportunities, please contact Audrey Wineglass Foster at   We look forward to meeting and working with you.

Posted by Audrey Foster | Posted January 25, 2018 at 2:56 PM


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800 Florida Avenue NE
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