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NSF Funding Announcement – Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: Education and Human Resources (IUSE:EHR)

NSF-IUSE promotes new and exciting approaches to using research on STEM learning and education to address STEM education challenges across and within institutions (Institutional Transformation), as well as across and within specific disciplines (Community Transformation). The program draws upon a knowledge base accumulated from decades of research, development, and proven practices across the nation in STEM undergraduate education. NSF expects that investments within the IUSE portfolio will integrate theories and findings from education research with developments at the frontiers of science and engineering research. New knowledge about teaching and learning will be developed across all IUSE investments.

In summary, the FY 2018 and FY 2019 Program Solicitation seeks proposals to support the following IUSE: EHR goals:

  • use and build evidence about improved STEM instructional practices;
  • design and study innovative learning opportunities, including cyber-learning;
  • create, implement, and test program, curricular, course, and technology-driven models;
  • develop, implement, and test creative approaches for adoption of education research into disciplinary teaching;
  • demonstrate effectiveness of validated practices in a variety of institutional settings;
  • develop and validate assessments/metrics for undergraduate STEM learning and instructional practice; and
  • conduct fundamental research on issues of undergraduate STEM teaching and learning.

The IUSE: EHR program acknowledges the importance of the interplay between research and practice in STEM education, coupling these activities in a “cycle of innovation”. In this cycle, new research questions emerge from innovative practice and new practices evolve from implementing and modifying research findings. Within, across and beyond traditional STEM disciplines, new technologies and new pedagogies create the context for future STEM education research and development. Successful navigation of this cycle of innovation requires collaboration among STEM disciplinary experts, learning scientists, and STEM education practitioners.

NSF-IUSE supports the following EHR goals:

  • Improve STEM Learning & Learning Environments: Improve the knowledge base for defining, identifying, and innovating effective undergraduate STEM teaching and learning for all NSF-supported disciplines, and foster widespread use of evidence-based resources and pedagogies in undergraduate STEM education.
  • Broaden Participation & Institutional Capacity for STEM Learning: Increase the number and diversity of undergraduate students recruited and retained in STEM through expansion and implementation of successful evidence-based strategies to broaden participation in STEM.
  • Build the Professional STEM Workforce for Tomorrow: Improve the preparation of undergraduate students so they can succeed as productive members of the future STEM workforce, regardless of career path, and be engaged as members of a STEM-literate society.

NSF investments will include design and implementation of new effective practices as well as foundational and exploratory research, design and development research, replication research and impact research.

Due Dates:

Development & Implementation tier: December 12, 2017

Exploration & Design Tier: between October 1, 2017 – October 1, 2018

Please see full Request for Proposals here.

FAQs are available here.

Grants are integral to establishing "Gallaudet as the epicenter of research development and outreach leading to advancements in knowledge and practice for deaf and hard of hearing people and all humanity."  A central component of Gallaudet University's mission is the enhancement of faculty and staff opportunities for creative and scholarly research and training.  If you have a question about the grant writing process or if you have an idea or concept and would like to discuss potential grant opportunities, please contact Audrey Wineglass Foster at   We look forward to meeting and working with you.

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