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The Laurent Clerc Cultural Fund (LCCF) committee seeks nominations for new members

The Laurent Clerc Cultural Fund was established in 1968 to provide cultural appreciation and recognize achievements within the deaf community. This committee serves under the Gallaudet University Alumni Association (GUAA).

GUAA is seeking motivated individuals to serve a three-year term beginning in 2020. The LCCF meets monthly from September through May. Committee members are not required to be Gallaudet alumni; however, they should have extensive knowledge of Deaf culture and the Deaf community.

Responsibilities of the LCCF committee include:

▪       Hosting the annual Charter Day Brunch and Awards Program (April). 

▪       Seek nominations for awards – Laurent Clerc, Alice Cogswell, Edward Miner Gallaudet, and Amos Kendall

▪       Review grant applications for cultural activities

▪       Fundraising (for example, Presidential portraits and cultural events)

▪       Hosting House One tours during Homecoming weekend

For more information, please check

We welcome self-nominations or nominations of others!  Please send an email of interest or nomination of other(s) to the Alumni Relations Office at no later than January 9, 2020.  If you have any questions about the LCCF committee, feel free to send an email to this address as well.


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800 Florida Avenue NE
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800 Florida Avenue NE
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