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**Update** Introducing the Information Technology Steering Committee (ITSC)

To the Gallaudet community: 

Gallaudet University is happy to introduce the Information Technology Steering Committee (ITSC). The ITSC is responsible for helping Gallaudet make more informed, strategic, and impactful technology-related decisions.

The ITSC will work together to review proposals, provide feedback and make recommendations for the co-chairs' review and final approval/decision rights. The two co-chairs are Dominic Lacy, Chief Operating Officer, and Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, Interim Provost.

Having an IT governance structure will: 
  • Make Gallaudet more efficient by having a review team for major software, apps, and more.
  • Facilitate future and ongoing sustainability. 
  • Create more systematic, strategic, transparent, and consistent processes for presenting and making IT-related decisions throughout the institution. 
  • Provide an institution-wide lens on smart decision-making needs before it reaches division-level governance. 
  • Ensure that initiatives that have cross-functional and interdepartmental impact are thoroughly vetted, appropriately prioritized, and fully supported by leadership and the University’s relevant stakeholder groups. 
  • Save the University money down the line so the University can do more.

When reviewing proposals, ITSC looks to three guiding principles:

  • SHOULD we be doing this? Has the problem/need been clearly articulated with solid data and evidence to justify its prioritization? How strongly does this align with the Gallaudet Promise? What happens if we don't do this right now? 

  • Is this the best SOLUTION to address this need and achieve the desired impact? Why is  recommending this solution a better option than others? Which existing and new options were considered? Why won't they meet the needs? 

  • Have we allocated sufficient resources to ensure sustained SUCCESS? Do we have enough dedicated capacity and resources to support the entire lifecycle of this project? What expected outcomes and data justify the cost and investment?

Committee Members

Decision Makers

  • Dominic Lacy (COO, co-chair)
  • Jeffrey Lewis (Provost, co-chair)

Support Staff

  • Rick Baker (IT Project Director, GTS)
  • Suzy McKenzie (IT Project Coordinator, GTS)

Committee Members

  • Lindsay Buchko (Director, Institutional Research)
  • Bryce Chapman (Marketing Director, University Communications)
  • Thomas Horejes (Associate Provost, Student Success & Academic Quality)
  • Travis Imel (Dean, Student Affairs)
  • Jacquelyn Lally (Director of Academic (K-20) and Research Technology Support, GTS) 
  • Earl Parks (Executive Director, GTS)
  • Khadijat Rashid (Dean of Faculty, SEBHS) 
  • Joseph Santini (Director of Instruction, Clerc Center)
  • Laurene Simms (Chief Bilingual Officer, Bilingual Framework)
  • John Skjeveland (Director of Operations, Clerc Center)

Stakeholder Communications

  • Operations
  • IT Security Officer
  • Finance
  • Institutional Advancement for Alumni & Development
  • Dean of Graduate School & Research
  • Faculty Senate
  • GSC
  • EDI
  • Library & Archives

What has the ITSC Committee been up to? 

ITSC has been working on three important projects that will revolutionize our virtual campus experience. 

  • SafeWorkplace App Suite

    • These apps will help the University and Clerc Center to return to "normal" as part of our COVID-19 response plan.

  • PeopleSoft Absence Management

    • This enables Gallaudet to automate the processes for planning and compensating paid time off for the cross-campus workforce. It combines employee and management capabilities and tracks all absences in a single application.
  • Campus.App -- Social Intranet
    • The Campus App is a collaborative and centralized communication channel that gives the Gallaudet community a relevant and intuitive platform to connect. This will allow us to integrate everyday campus matters with personal connections with ease. You will now be able to receive news, updates, communications, and events-related information all in one place, whether you are a prospect, student, alumni, staff member, or faculty member. Click here to learn more about what the Campus App can do.

When should a request be submitted?

  • If a requested item (e.g., device, software, application) is NOT already on the GTS supported technology list
  • If the total cost is more than $5,000
  • If data will be shared externally
  • If offices beyond your department/unit will be involved (cross-departmental or divisional)
  • If your division/office head has not approved the requests and the office does not have the funds to cover the cost.

Submitting your IT requests

Requests are to be submitted at Each request will be reviewed against the criteria outlined below. Once a decision is made, someone from the ITSC will reach out to you about the status of your request.
If you have any questions, please email

Dominic N. Lacy
Chief Operating Officer 
Jeffrey W. Lewis 

Interim Provost

Posted by Darrius Doe | Posted November 9, 2020 at 2:42 AM


800 Florida Avenue NE
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800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002