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Kathleen Arnos, PhD joined the Gallaudet community in 1983 as a Research Scientist in the Gallaudet Research Institute.  In 1996, she joined the faculty in the Department of Biology and is currently Chairperson of the Department of Science, Technology, & Mathematics.

Arnos obtained her PhD in Human Genetics from the Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University.  In 1984, she established the Genetics Program at Gallaudet which provided genetic evaluation and counseling services to deaf people through 2009 in collaboration with Virginia Commonwealth University and Children’s National Medical Center.  Over the past 30 years she has been actively involved in research on hereditary deafness to study common genes causing deafness, best practices in genetic counseling for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people, and the impact of genetic testing on the Deaf community.  

Dr. Arnos teaches courses in Human Genetics for undergraduate (BIO 411) and graduate (BIO 711) students and also teaches BIO 201 Research Methods in the Sciences.

Selected Publications (past 10 years):

Arnos KS & Pandya A. (2007). Genetic Causes of Deafness. In Schwartz S. (Ed.) Choices in Deafness, 3rd Edition, Bethesda, MD:  Woodbine House, pp 79-96.

Arnos KS & Pandya A (2011).  Advances in the Genetics of Deafness.  In Marschark M and Spencer PE (Eds).  The Oxford Handbook of Deaf Studies, Language, and Education.  Vol 1, 2nd Edition.  New York:  Oxford University Press, pp.412-424.

Arnos KS, Welch KO, Pandya A (2013).  Chapter 3: Epidemiology, Etiology, Genetic Mechanisms, and Genetic Counseling. In Toriello HV & Smith S (eds).  Hereditary Hearing Loss and Its Syndromes.  Oxford University Press.  

Welch KO, Marin RS, Pandya A, Arnos KS (2007).  Compound heterozygosity for dominant and recessive GJB2 mutations: Effect on phenotype and review of the literature.  American  Journal of  Medical  Genetics 143A(14):1567-1573.

Withrow KR, Burton S, Arnos KS, Kalfoglou A, Pandya A (2008).  Consumer motivations for pursuing genetic testing and their preferences for the provision of genetic services for hearing loss.  Journal of  Genetic Counseling 17(3):252-260.

Arnos KS, Welch KO, Tekin M, Norris VW, Blanton S,  Pandya A, Nance WE (2008).  A comparative analysis of the genetic epidemiology of deafness in the United States in two sets of pedigrees collected more than a century apart.  Am J Hum Genet 83:200-207. (featured article in the journal for August 2008 issue).

Withrow KA, Tracy KA, Burton SK, Norris VW, Maes H.H, Arnos KS, Pandya, A. (2009).  Impact of genetic advances and testing for hearing loss:  Results from a national consumer survey.  American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A 149A:1159–1168.


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800 Florida Avenue NE
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