Lucas Lancaster, Au.D., CCC-A

Hearing, Speech & Language Science

Lucas Lancaster

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Dr. Lancaster earned his clinical doctorate in audiology (Au.D.) in 2014, from Gallaudet University, where he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Hearing, Speech and Language Science. He currently serves as a clinical educator in the Gallaudet University Hearing and Speech Center, where he provides clinical preceptorship to matriculated audiology (Au.D.) students. 

His areas of clinical interest include central auditory processing ([C]AP) evaluation and diagnosis of vestibular disorders. Research interests currently guiding his Ph.D. studies include discrimination of speech-in-noise, development of receptive language in bilingual individuals, and classroom strategies for maximizing auditory access in mainstream K-12 education. 

Courses currently teaching:

  • HSL 827 - Neural Bases of Hearing, Speech, and Language (3)
  • HSL 840 - Clinical Practicum-Introduction (1)
  • HSL 841 - Clinical Practicum-Advanced (1)
  • HSL 842 - Clinical Specialty Areas (1)

Courses previously taught:

  • HSL 817 - Anatomy & Physiology of the Auditory & Vestibular System (3)
  • HSL 824 - Aural Rehabilitation: Adults (3)

Other teaching activities:

  • Dr. Lancaster also serves as adjunct faculty with other colleges, providing education in the areas of Deaf studies, Deaf culture and sociology of Deafness. 


800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002


800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002