Niesha Washington-Shepard

Lecturer I
Department of ASL & Deaf Studies

Here is a video link for ASL friendly (click here). Below is the brief summary of her introduction. Her name is Niesha Washington-Shepard. She graduated from Gallaudet University with a master degree in Sign Language Education. Currently she is working as a faculty for Deaf Studies and American Sign Language (ASL) department at her alma mater. The reason is to give back to the institution that helped shape her into the woman she is today. She does love teaching ASL, Deaf history and culture. Other days She also does many things for her service, such as tutoring for ASL, video editing, graphic designing for websites, translating in American Sign Language, videotaping and interpreting at schools, hospitals, government, and courts. Her hobbies are to spend time with her family, love traveling to countries and eat international foods. She is residing in the metro area of DC, VA and MD with my husband Dale and my three lovely children, Faith 13, Isaiah 3, and Skyla 1 year old.

Fall 2018

ASL 111.01: Introduction to American Sign Language

ASL 111.03: Introduction to American Sign Language 

GSR 103.10: Introduction to ASL & Deaf studies

Spring 2019

ASL 211.02: Introduction to American Sign Language

GSR 103.04: Introduction to ASL & Deaf studies

GSR 103.06: Introduction to ASL & Deaf studies

 Service to the Department

  • Regular Participation in Department meetings
  • Liaison between Teaching Learning Technology (TLT) and the Department
  • August 2018: Leader for Dept. of ASL & Deaf Studies Academic Expo
  • September 2018: Emcee for International Day of Sign Language ceremony
  • Fall 2018: Committee of Deaf Studies Conference for ASL Night Live performance
  • November 2018: Volunteer, of Deaf Studies Conference for interpreting, announcing and exhibiting
  • November 2018: Substitute for Franklin Jones’ GSR 103 class


Service to the University

  • Teaching Learning Technology (TLT) representative
  • Coach and mentor for students, faculty and staff members
  • Member of Faculty of Color Coalition
  • Ongoing:  Screening/Interview Committee for the department of Arts, Communication and Theater
  • Fall 2018: Served as a faculty member
  • Fall 2018:  Served as a supporter and mentor to students of color
  • Fall 2018: Attended Senator and University Faculty Meetings
  • Fall 2018: Attended the Board of Trustee meetings
  • August 2018: Diversity Training led by Lee Muh Wah
  • August 2018: Participated in Faculty Development Week Activities
  • August 2018: Attended the Bison Walk and the University Welcome ceremony
  • August 2018: Breakfast with new students==
  • August 2018: Attended New Faculty Orientation
  • October 2018: Volunteered as the Gopher for Gallaudet University Alumni Association
  • October 2018: Volunteered as a House One tour guide Volunteered as a tour guide for Laurent Clerc Cultural Fund
  • October 2018: Attended Black Student Union Organization for open house
  • October 2018: Recruited ASL storytellers for H Street. Festival (October)


Service to the community

  • Member, Committed with DC Black Deaf Advocates as a member
  • DC Representative of DMV KODA
  • December 2018:  Volunteered as an usher/interpreter for Maryland Deaf Senior Citizens [name of event] (December)
  • December 2018: Led an the recent event for the community of interpreters, Deaf interpreters and Deaf people within the community at Streetcar 82



Professional Conferences

Panelist, “Gallaudet Protest 2006,” Deaf Studies Conference- November 1, 2018, Washington, D.C.

Panelist, "Systemic Action: Advancing Equity Through College, Career, and Civil Readiness," Mid-Atlantic Campus Compact - November 8, 2018, Washington, D.C.



800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002


800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002