Online Teaching Certificate Information

TLDR Jan 2021 - The requirement for faculty to have their OTC in order to teach online and hybrid courses was suspended by the Faculty Senate in April 2020 and will be reinstated on August 30, 2021.  Faculty are encouraged to earn their OTC if they want to teach online and hybrid courses in the future. For more information, please email

Faculty and adjuncts are to be fully certified prior to teaching online or hybrid courses for Gallaudet University. To be certified, faculty need to provide evidence that they have satisfied the learning objectives for the Gallaudet University Online Teaching Certificate (OTC).

OTC Learning Objectives (LO)

In earning the Gallaudet University Online Teaching Certificate, the learner has sufficiently demonstrated they can

  • build high-quality, rigorous online and hybrid courses (LO1)

  • generate impactful and measurable teaching and learning in online environments (LO2)

  • effectively use the University's Learning Management System (LO3)

Faculty Support for Certificate Obtainment

CCOE will make a one-time payment to cover the costs of training for qualified faculty to take each:

  • Quality Matters: Applying the QM Rubric (Satisfies LO1)

  • Quality Matters: Teaching Online (Satisfies LO2)

These are two-week online asynchronous courses that are offered at least once a month through Quality Matters (QM).

(NOTE: Assignment deadlines are strictly observed by QM.)

CCOE will not cover the costs of a QM training that a faculty has already taken.

CCOE will work with GTS to provide faculty training to effectively use the university’s learning management system. (Satisfies LO3)

  • Current LMS Training: Ultra training through PST 500

Other Acceptable Training

  • OLC New to Online: The Essentials Part I (Satisfies LO 2)

  • Blackboard Self-Paced Training: eCurriculum course (Satisfies LO 3)

Faculty who have received training in the past three years that are not listed but may have satisfied any of the OTC learning objectives may contact CCOE’s Instructional Designer Services at to request a review of the evidence of their learning. If the learning objective is considered, “Met,” the faculty will be credited for having satisfied the learning objective connected to their training.

OTC Oversight

CCOE is charged with oversight of the OTC. Instructional Designer Services (IDS) under CCOE will: 

  1. list available training and may register faculty for select training; 
  2. review training that faculty have requested to take or have already taken to determine if they satisfy select OTC learning objectives; and 
  3. maintain records of faculty training and certification.

Getting Started with the OTC process

When you are ready to take training to be certified for online teaching, 

  1. Send an email to
  2. They will inform you of the training that will need to be taken and the dates available
  3. Once you have selected the dates, they will register you for the training
    • Quality Matters: Applying the QM Rubric and Quality Matters: Teaching Online is through Quality Matter's platform, using Canvas. Please keep an eye out for an email from them with further information
    • LMS training using Ultra, you can start by accessing PST 500 in your Blackboard with your Gallaudet account. If you do not have access to PST 500, please email for more information
  4. When you have completed the training, please email the certificate of completion to
  5. When you have completed all required training, you will receive a certification certifying that you are a Certified Online Instructor
  6. Your name will be added to the list of Certified Online Instructors


800 Florida Avenue NE
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800 Florida Avenue NE
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