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Adobe Shared Document Library—feedback needed

The Paperless & Automated Digital Workflow Task Force has been working toward a digital transformation of all official Gallaudet forms used on campus.  We have been using Adobe Sign successfully for several years for digital forms and this latest effort is to make our official processes consistent and all forms digital.  There are several steps that we need your help with in order to move forward.

Disable users (you) from creating new templates

In the past anyone could create a template form and add it to the shared Adobe document library.  Some of those forms are obsolete and many are duplicated--such as the leave request form.  The form nomenclature is also not consistent.  This makes the list difficult to navigate.  

The first step is that as of August 24, the library will be disabled and no new templates can be added by users.  This is only disabling the shared library--users are, and will still be, able to upload and store documents to their own individual library.  

For more information on library templates, please read Knowledge Base Article KB0010417.

Clean up the existing list of documents

Starting with the existing list of uploaded documents in the shared library we have created an inventory of campus forms.  We have attempted to consolidate duplicate forms.  We need your feedback.  Are these forms still valid?  Do they need to be updated?  

Determine what is missing

Not all official forms have been included in the shared library yet.  What is missing?  Does your department have forms that you use with students, faculty, or staff that should/could be digitized?  

What can you do? 

We are asking faculty and staff to review the Form Inventory.  

Give us feedback on the existing forms and let us know if something is missing from our list.  Email us your feedback and suggestions to no later than September 30, 2019.  

We thank you in advance for your attention and all of your help as we strive to meet Gallaudet's goals.  

If you have questions, please submit a ticket through the IT Service Desk.

Posted by Suzy McKenzie | Posted August 20, 2019 at 3:15 PM


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800 Florida Avenue NE
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