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Gallaudet University is actively monitoring the worldwide COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak.

Latest COVID-19 Update:

Posted 3/11/2020 at 12:36 PM EST


Task Force Chair:

Earl Parks
Executive Director/CIO, Gallaudet Technology Services

Form Inventory

This page contains a listing of all campus forms currently identified for the purpose of digital conversion.

Don't see your form listed here?  Email us to have it added to the inventory list

A1 Request for Faculty Appointment
Academic Affairs: A5 Request for Tenure Final 2018
Academic Affairs: A6 Request Sabbatical Final 2018
Academic Affairs: D1 Form Request for Reappt/Non Reappt/Dismissal Final 2018
Academic Affairs: D2 Request for Leave Other Than Sabbatical Form Final 2018
Academic Affairs: Event Participation Form
Academic Suspension or Academic Dismissal Appeals Form
Academic Verification - Certification Request
Adjunct Faculty Special Pay
Alumni - Change of Address/Contact Information (asp form)
Application-for-lifetime-membership (secured by formsite & pfd)
Application/Course Registration Form
Award Acceptance Letter
Bicycle/Moped Registration Form
Budget Revision
Camping Rental Application Form
Campus Activities Service Form for Poster and CATV
Cancellation of Parking Fee Deduction
CCOE - Certificate Program WD Form
CCOE Request for LOA
CCOE/HR_Tuition Waiver
Change of Address Form
Change of grade form
Change of Name
Check Request
Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) Beneficiary Form
Clerc Center Teach Leave Request
Complete Medical History Form
Confidentiality Agreement
Conflict of Interest
* Course Buyout form for Faculty
Current Student - Change of Address/Contact Information
Current Student - Change of Name
Current Student - Demographic Information Change Form
Current student - Emergency Contact Information
Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) Beneficiary Form
Deferred Compensation Election Form - Faculty
Deferred Compensation Election Form - Staff
Direct Deposit Authorization
Domestic Partner Affidavit
DST Petition to March
Educational Assistance for Eligible Employees
Electronic Fund Transfer Payments
Employee Claim Application
Employee Data Sheet
Employee's Notice of Accidental Injury or Occupational Disease
Employer's First Report of Injury or Occupational Disease
Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9 Form)
Entertainment Expense Reimbursement
Exempt Performance Evaluation
Faculty Request for Recruitment Travel Funds (After) from the Graduate Admissions Office
Faculty Request for Recruitment Travel Funds (Before) from the Graduate Admissions Office
Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Form
Fee Waiver Add/Drop
FEGLI Beneficiary Form
Flexible Premium Plan
Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement Form
Flexible Work Arrangement Request Form
FMLA-Family Member
Form 1 - Establishment of Dissertation Committee with 1 Chair
Form 1 - Establishment of Dissertation Committee with Co-Chairs
Form 2 - Dissertation Research Proposal Approval Form Committee with 1 Chair
Form 2 - Dissertation Research Proposal Approval Form Committee with Co-Chairs
Form 3 - Authorization to Schedule Dissertation Defense - Committee with 1 Chair
Form 3 - Authorization to Schedule Dissertation Defense - Committee with Co-Chairs
Form 4 - Candidate Questionnaire
Freelance Application Form
Gallaudet Release Form
Gallaudet University New Organization Request
Grad - Continuous Enrollment Form
Grad - Independent Study Form
Grad - Special Registration Access & Status Form
Grad - Withdrawal Form (WP/WF Grades Only)
Graduate - Consortium Registration Request Authorization Form
Graduate - Student Leave of Absence (LOA) Form
Graduate Programs University Withdrawal Form
Graduate Student Continuous Enrollment Form
Health Benefits Election Form
Health History Form Signature Page
Health Insurance Options while in a Non-pay Statues (LWOP)
HRS_WV State Tax Form
HSLS - Record of Academic Advisement
HSLS-AuD Project Application
HSLS-AuD Project Final Approval
HSLS-HSLNC Graduation Application
HSLS-Petition to March Form 2016 (AuD)
Incomplete Grade Contract
Interdepartmental Invoice
Interpreting Service
IRB Application
IT Project Request Form
KDES brochure photo shoot
Key Request
Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center Teachers - Req Form
Lease (Should be deleted)
Leave Correction
Linguistics Department Qualifying Paper Signature Form
Master Key Agreement
Meal Plan Request for Summer
Meeting Expense Form
Messenger Service
Non-Exempt Performance Evaluations
Non-Exempt Service/Maintenance Performance Evaluation
OCICU Course Action Form
OCICU Course Registration Authorization Form
OSP Intent to submit FY2016
OSP R&A FY2014
OSP Routing and Approval
OSP Routing and Approval Pg 2 Only
OSP_Additional Chair/BUH Approval Form rev.9/5/18
OSWD Intake Form
PER 275 Practicum Form
PER 491 Internship Form
Peter Hobbs Scholarship Fund
Petty Cash
Peikoff Alumni House Room Reservation Request Form
Position Justification
Pre Dissertation Signature Page
Purchase Requisition 10K-24999
Purchase Requisition 501-9999
Purchase Requisitions 25K and Up
Purchase Requisition 0-500
Purchasing Card Application
Purchasing Card Cancellation
Purchasing Card Manual
Readmission/Second Degree
Recommendation for Graduate Faculty Status Form
Regular PAF
Residence Life and Housing Graduate Assistant Agreement 2013-2014
Residence Life Paraprofessional Application Form
Separation PAF
Service Request
SmartBenefits SmarTrip
Special Certification Request (none - will come later)
Special Pay PAF
Staff - Requisition Form
Staff Leave Request
Staff Requisition Form
Standard Long-Term Disability Election Form
Staples Advantage Access Application
Stephanie Joyner Memorial Fund
Student Application Form
Students of Color Emergency Fund
Subrecipient Contract Questionnaire
T-3 Form
T-4 Form
T1 username 2018-2019 GU Information Security Agreement
T2 Information System Access Request Form
Temporary Time Card
Temporary Vehicle Registration Form
Traffic Violation Appeal Form
Transportation Service Request Form
Travel Advance/Reimbursement
TSP Beneficiary Form
TSP Catch-Up Election Form
TSP Election Form
Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Signature Page
Tuition Assistance
Tuition Waiver
Undergrad - Consortium Registration Request Authorization Form
Undergrad - Internship Form
Undergrad - Student University Leave of Absence LOA Form
Undergrad - Transfer Credits- Prior Permission for Transfer of Credits
Undergrad - Withdrawal Form
Undergrad-Continuous Enrollment Authorization Form
Undergrad-Course Waiver/Substitution Form
Undergrad-Independent Study Form
Undergrad-Major Selection/Change Form
Undergrad/Grad - Course Add/Drop Change Slip
Undergrad/Grad - Course Audit Form
Undergrad/Grad - Graduation: Change of Diploma Mailing Address Form
Undergrad/Grad - Incomplete Grade Contract
Undergrad/Grad - Student Course Withdrawal Form - WD grades only
University Faculty - Req Form
VA Education Certification of Enrollment Request
Vehicle Registration Form
Video Services Release Form 2012
Visa Information (For International Students Only)

* Recently added or in the process of being developed


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800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002