PRF EOI: Expression of Interest to Apply Form

Gallaudet faculty and staff members who are interested in obtaining a grant from the Priority Research Fund should send an Expression of Interest to Apply.

FY 2019 marked the first year that Gallaudet applied its new research priorities in screening Priority Research Fund (PRF) applications and Expressions of Interest (EOI). Please ensure that your EOI demonstrates how your proposed study fits with the new priorities.  This is necessary before your EOI can be considered.

Please be aware that the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Services will hold discussions with the Provost and senior administrators within Academic Affairs in determining the degree to which a given research idea applies to these new research priorities in order to be viable, and therefore approved for funding.

RSIA will provide feedback on any decisions made regarding an idea for a research study; however, it will not provide substantive feedback on the idea itself, as the office does not have the technical expertise to review the EOIs (as it does for the full proposals). Rather, RSIA aims to ascertain if the proposal is a good "fit" within the PRF scope. This decision is sometimes reached after consulting with PRF review panel.

It should be noted that the University’s research priorities and, by extension, the PRF itself, are influenced to a large extent by Gallaudet's goals and mission related to the education of deaf people and other areas of concern around deaf people's well-being and opportunities. This must be kept in mind when a research proposal is reviewed for its suitability to be funded.

In 1-2 pages describe the research study, including:

1. Project Title.

2. Starting Date of the study and length of the study (1‐3 years).

3. List of the Principal Investigators and investigators, their department(s) and campus addresses(es).

4. Nature of the Study: Briefly describe the study's purpose and its significance.

5. External Reviewers: Suggest several names, including email addresses and website links, of experts in the field who are qualified to review the proposal.

6. Timeline: If you have asked for three years of support, please provide brief explanation as to the rationale.

7. Summer Pay/Course Release: If you are requesting summer pay from PRF for your research, more information and written justification is needed. Please see Request for Summer Pay or Course Release: Scope of Work.

8. Background:

a. Is the chair of your department aware of your proposal?

  • If "yes", is the chair supportive as to the idea of course release, use of space for research, and administrative support such as adding student researchers to the department payroll (with reimbursement)?

  • If not yet, please discuss it with the department chair as to likelihood of support for the aforementioned issues.   

b. Have you applied for external funding for this study or similar?

  • If "yes", then specify where and when you requested funding. What was the response from the funding agency? Will you re-submit?  

  • If you have not yet submitted the research idea for external funding, what is the obstacle?  (Please note that PRF favors proposals that would substantially raise the prospects for external funding, such as a pilot. You may add that explanation to your EOI.)  

c. Have you had a Priority Research grant in the past?  

  • If "yes", did you subsequently apply for external funding along the same line of research? (Please note that prior PRF awardees are expected to apply for external funding, and a history of doing so creates a favorable impression with the PRF review panel and GU administration.)



Send the Expression of Interest by December 16 to




800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002


800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002