How can I create a REDCap account?

To create a REDCap account, first contact the Office of Research Support and International Affairs (RSIA) at All REDCap accounts are maintained by RSIA.

Can I create a REDCap account using my personal email address?

No. REDCap accounts are created for Gallaudet users only.

Can I create a group email account?

No. All REDCap accounts are created and assigned to individual users, never group accounts. You can add other users to your project(s) by going into the project and including existing REDCap user accounts to the “User Rights and Permissions” section.

I forgot my password and need to reset it. How do I do that?

For issues such as resetting passwords, please contact RSIA at

Does RSIA provide training for REDCap users?

No. RSIA provides system administration and user account administration services for REDCap. REDCap training guides can be accessed at  There are more resources and training guides on the Internet, as well.

How can I install REDCap?

Gallaudet’s REDCap installation can be accessed at There are also videos linked to this page that explain more about the application and how to use it.

How can I set up a survey with the REDCap system?

Information on using REDCap to set up a survey can be found at REDCap - Creating a Survey.

How do I move my project from Development Status to Production status?

Once researchers have finished creating their research project and have tested it thoroughly, they must request that it be moved to Production status by completing a Request for Production Status form.

Am I required to complete the Request for Production Status form?

Yes. Researchers are required to submit this form, along with their project’s Institutional Review Board approval letter, to before RSIA can move the project to Production status.


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