Research Funding Opportunities for Faculty, Staff, and Students

RSIA provides two types of research seed funds -- Priority Research Funds (PRF) and Small Research Grants (SRG) to members of the Gallaudet community, including Clerc Center teachers and staff.







Grant funding available to the entire campus community that is intended to support a variety of research projects.

Intended as a seed grant to support on-campus research determined to be of high importance.


For students, faculty, staff, and Clerc Center personnel. Only one award per study. Note: Student research must be approved and overseen by a faculty member.

For faculty, staff, and Clerc Center personnel (students are ineligible). Grant funding must fit under one of the Gallaudet Research Priorities.


Funds must be used within the fiscal year (October 1 - September 30) of the award date. 

The grant period runs from October 1-September 30.

Due Dates

Application deadline is May 1. Because funding tends to run out by the end of the spring semester, researchers are encouraged to apply early.

An Expression of Interest to Apply form deadline is December 15.

The PRF application deadline is February 15.  

Small Research Grants (SRG)

SRGs provide small funding (up to $5,000) for a duration of up to one year. Researchers can apply for studies on any topic of academic significance using accepted research methods. SRG funds can support subject payments, travel expenses for the purpose of collecting data, and available equipment. The funds CANNOT apply to salary, wage, or stipend, hiring students, full cost of equipment and software, and the cost of presenting or publishing a research report. For more information, see Gallaudet Internal Funding Policies and Procedures.

Priority Research Funds (PRF)

PRFs provide seed funds (up to $35,000) for a duration of no more than three years to support activities such as preliminary work and facilitating collaboration advancing competitive research proposals. It is expected that the research project will be submitted to an external funding organization within a year of the time that research seed funding ends.

Topics must have a clear connection to the research priorities of the University. PRF funds can cover such expenses as hiring student researchers, subject payments, course time release, and travel expenses for the purpose of collecting data. The funds CANNOT apply to training, curriculum development studies, or other development studies.


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