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PRF: Application


The PRF application should be limited to 10 pages double-spaced. Included in this limit should be the cover page, abstract, study proposal, budget statement and budget justification.

  1. Cover PageSubmit the proposal and cover sheet to the department chair (for faculty) or Supervisor (for staff) and discuss details (especially the release time). If agreeable, the Chair or Supervisor will sign the cover sheet before delivering it to the Dean for final review and signature. Deans and department chairs should be notified that their signature on the cover sheet indicates their approval of the release time request specified in the proposal.
  2. Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approval Letter (email letter from IRB is acceptable)When the study involves human research volunteers, either on the Gallaudet campus or elsewhere, funding of a study is contingent upon approval by the University's IRB. IRB approval is not required before submitting an application for Small Grants funding. However, funds cannot be made available until the applicant provides a copy of the IRB letter of approval. Participation of Clerc Center students as volunteers requires additional approval from Clerc administrators. For information on the IRB, see
  3. Clerc Center clearance letter- If using the elementary or high school students on campus, permission must first from the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center. Contact the Program Monitoring Evaluation unit at MSSD for further information.
  4. Abstract- In 200 words or less, the Abstract should state the explicit purpose or question of the study, explain the significance of that question, and describe the methods and activities that will respond to the research question. Do not include citations.
  5. Study Proposal- A suitable proposal has well-defined and feasible objectives, explicit methods of data collection and analysis, and a clear timeline. The level of detail provided in a proposal should accommodate the information needs of specialists in the academic area of the study, as well as scholars who are not specialists. Additionally, proposals are reviewed by skilled researchers using five criteria to evaluate the proposal. For more information on these criteria: EVALUATION OF A PRIORITY RESEARCH FUND PROPOSAL
  6. Budget Statement and Budget Justification- The budget should have two parts: Details of Expenditures and Budget Justification. Here are some tips: Each budget item for which funding is requested should be described in reasonable detail. Please list expenditures under these categories: Salaries and Wages, Travel and Transportation, General Office Expense, Consultants and Advisors, Professional Fees/Contracts, and Equipment-Uninventoried. As these are standard account number classifications used at Gallaudet, the department secretary can help figure out how to classify a budget item. Please use the link provided for more information.
  7. Scope of Work (for Summer Pay or Course Release)- Scope of Work for research to be conducted in exchange for a course release or summer pay:  In order to maximize the use of the university's research monies, those granted Priority Research Fund grants will need to provide in advance a written justification. This will be REQUEST FOR SUMMER PAY OR COURSE RELEASE reviewed by RSIA, Dean, and the Office of the Provost. Ideally, you have provided this information in your PRF proposal and it can be reviewed as part of the overall funding decision. However, for current fiscal year, we will require a post-decision consideration of course releases and summer pay.
  • Appendices-Appendix pages will not count towards the 10 page limit, but should not be lengthy. Test instruments, and non-standard interview protocols are examples of appropriate items to be included in an appendix. Lengthy articles, standard instruments and instructional materials are not appropriate. Other materials that should be included in the appendix are:

    • Clerc Center clearance letter. If using elementary or high school students on campus in a study, permission must first be requested from the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center. Contact the Program Monitoring Evaluation unit at MSSD for further information.
    • IRB clearance. Please submit the same version of the proposal to IRB as the one submitted to RSIA. It is in the researcher’s best interest to include in the proposal more rather than less information about methodological issues and ethical issues. If the IRB has provided feedback on specific methodological issues, include both the feedback and response in the appendix.
    • Person-Loading Chart (see #6)
    • Timeline (see #6)
    • Resumes. Attach a short resume or C.V. for each investigator (two pages max.)


Where to send your materials

The original copy of each Study Proposal including, Cover Page, Abstract, Budget Statement, Budget Justification, Scope of Work, Appendix and IRB Approval Letter should be delivered at Research Support and International Affairs, Dawes House, #206.

The Study Proposal, Abstract, Budget Statement, Budget Justification and Appendix should be submitted electronically (.doc) as one file to

What's next?

After receiving the proposal, the Grant Fund Officer will select external reviewers to review your proposal. The Grant Fund Officer will run a campus review panel to assist in evaluating the proposals. Proposals are evaluated using the 5 criteria shown in the application. You will receive a letter after the review team has met. 


800 Florida Avenue NE
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800 Florida Avenue NE
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