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SOW: Scope of Work for Summer Research Stipend

Gallaudet Priority Research Grant  

Research Support and International Affairs (RSIA)

Scope of Work for Summer Research Stipend 

Scope of Work for research to be conducted in exchange for a summer research stipend for faculty only:  

In order to maximize the use of the university's research monies, those granted Priority Research Fund grants will need to provide in advance a written justification. This will be REQUEST FOR SUMMER RESEARCH STIPEND reviewed by RSIA, Dean, and the Office of the Provost. Ideally, you have provided this information in your PRF proposal and it can be reviewed as part of the overall funding decision. However, for current fiscal year, we will require a post-decision consideration of summer research stipend.

Research Support and International Affairs (RSIA) will convey to you the decision on summer research stipend. This Scope of Work does not substitute for the need SPAF to be done by your department. Please provide the necessary information below and include this information when completing the PRF application requirements. 

  1. PI Name

  1. Project Title

  1. Objective or purpose of the project

  1. Period of performance (give start/end dates as precisely as possible)

  1. Amount request

  1. Will you conduct the research work on campus during the period of performance?

  1. Will you work with other members of the team during the period of performance?

  2. Are you supervising research assistants during the period of performance?

  3. Detailed research work requirements for Summer Research Stipend 

  • List tasks and what is expected. This should provide both technical and performance specifications. Be sure to include the timeline requirements during the period of performance.


Date (4 weeks)  Activity Tasks  What to expected PI (days x hours) PI2 (days x hours) RA (days x hours)
June 11- July 13,  2019 Editing and compression of video    0  0 10 x 2
June 11- July 13,  2019 video transcriptions   10 x 3 10 x 3 15 x 6
June 11- July 13,  2019 poofing and coding transcriptions   15 x 3 15 x 4  0
June 11- July 13,  2019 analysis of data    10 x 2  0  0
TOTAL of hours      95 90 110


800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002


800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002