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Summer Research Stipend for Faculty

Gallaudet University

Summer Research Stipend for Faculty



The Priority Research Fund helps provide faculty members adequate time to meet their research objectives by compensating them for work performed during the summer months. The Summer Research Stipend for Faculty is awarded on a competitive basis and must be used for work initiated during the summer. Faculty who ask for a summer stipend should be able to demonstrate the valuation of the research production for the summer, not by the time effort. Faculty will be asked to submit a completed report describing their summer accomplishment before getting a stipend.  A Scope of Work is required in order for faculty to apply for the stipend.

This memo specifies the purpose of the Summer Research Stipend and the conditions and requirements for faculty eligibility to apply.


To stipend is intended to provide financial support for:

  • Faculty to engage in summer and scholarly research, with the intention to apply for external grants the following year.  

  • Priority Research Grant recipients with an approved summer research plan.

Eligibility to apply:

  • Untenured faculty

  • Tenure-track faculty

Conditions for accepting a summer stipend award:

  • Summer Research Stipend is provided $5000 to faculty members as a salary supplement.

  • Faculty receiving a summer stipend may teach no more than one course during the summer school term of a given year.

  • Faculty who have received stipends for two consecutive summers are ineligible for an award the following summer (except for Priority Research grantees).

  • Faculty receiving summer stipends cannot receive duplicate funding that pays for their time and effort (such as professional development funds or external grants).  

  • Faculty receiving summer stipends must be present on campus during the summer school term. Exceptions may be allowed in very specific instances where it is fundamentally necessary to the research protocol and its goals.

  • Faculty must submit a Scope of Work: Request for Summer Research Stipend form.

  • Reports for all summer stipends are due the first week of the following fall semester. The report should include the product of the summer work -- a narrative or reflective statement (up to four pages) explaining how the funding enabled the researcher to meet goals, along with the research timeline.

  • If a faculty member has managed to submit a proposal for external funding as a direct result of the summer stipend, the report should include a list of external grants that the researcher has applied for, including the date the grant(s) was submitted, a one-page summary of the project, and a detailed budget and budget justification. Future plans to submit a proposal for external funding directly related to the summer stipend project should also be included. The funding opportunity URL, due date, one-half page summary of the project, and estimated budget request amount should be provided.


February 15

Application form

Scope of Work: Request for Summer Research Stipend 


800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002


800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002