Selina Shearer

Scheduler I
Gallaudet Interpreting Service


Description: Long brown haired woman, with glasses, wearing a flowery shirt and turquoise sweater, with a turquoise pendant/necklace. "Hi, my name is Selina Shearer. My sign name is (Hand shape "S" pump two times times on opposite shoulder). I am a scheduler here at GIS. If you need help with any scheduling needs... You can reach my VP at 202-540-8614." Smiling at the end.

I grew up going to Kendall, MSSD, and Gallaudet. Majored in Communication studies, with a minor in business and French. I used to work for TIPS for 4 years as a Language Adviser. I have 10 years of customer service experience in my purse, and it is my niche. I also have 3 years of experience as a freelance Deaf Interpreter; I worked with about 13 different interpreting agencies along with some volunteerism. 

Other well known companies within deaf community that I’ve worked for: Wyndtell (customer satisfaction representative), IP-Relay (Student outreach team), EnglishWit Solutions (administrative assistant), and District of C (customer service).  

On the personal side: I enjoy having a fitness lifestyle, doing diverse DIY projects, and spending quality time with my daughter. I also love learning different languages, and cultures. I am a fan of DC/Marvel’s comics/movies/games.

Currently, I am a GIS scheduler with a fabulous team and department. I schedule a plethora of interpreting requests for KDES, MSSD, Gallaudet, and off campus. Perform troubleshooting for any conflicts of time in schedule/last minute requests/events/etc, submit staff leave requests, assigning interpreters to job requests, and taking up various workshops in relations to the interpreting field. Also, I coordinate different large events as well. 

I occasionally volunteer for some SSP, Tactile, and religious events. I am also member of Gallaudet Staff Council as the Administrative and Financial representative. Come and join us for our meetings!

GSC's facebook page:

Workshops and Training completed:

Legal interpreting training through Project Climb.

Customer service training

The ProTactile Movement training

Intersections of Interpreting & Race

Endless Menu

Interpreting for Emerging Signers. RID.

Is it a cupcake or a cake? Interpreting affect & shaping the message. 

Interpreting in the zone: New Research on how interpreters achieve their best work. NCIEC.

Deaf Interpreter Training Online: Certification of completion of 40 hours. 2017.


800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002


800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002