How to Submit Announcements



1. Enter a name of your announcement or event?

2. You can chose to add an abstract or description if you wish.

Here you can upload images using the picture of a tree next to the HTML in description bar. You can also upload a video by embedding your video and putting the embed in HTML. 

Your image name must have no spaces in it. Cannot be: sbg test.jpg

The width of your image must be under 1000 PX. 

In description, you can change the size of the image.

You can also add documents which students can download.

You can also add images at Image/Thumbmail. However, the image will be a fixed size. 

Here is a screenshot of an announcement of an image in Image compared to an image in description. 

No image in Description

compared to 

You can nominate it for the main calendar 

3. You can add information about the event - how long you want it to run for, where, and when. 

However, unlike events, announcements only run on five dates you select on Run Date 1.

4. For sharing, select inherited. 


800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002


800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002